1. mechs on the mind

  3. A little thing thing that I recently finished. I’ve loved working in this universe and taking a more all-ages approach to my art. Hopefully I didn’t draw everything too scary.

    Unofficial Aw Yeah Comics story: 

    Art and color by Aaron Pittman

    Story by Dave Scheidt

  7. Some design stuff I had been working on awhile ago and was really digging. Too bad it’ll never live up to it’s true purpose.

  8. Next time you see this face, you’ll be dead.


  9. Interview: Aaron Pittman - C2E2 2014

    Here’s a little interview I did while at C2E2. I got to talk about dinosaurs, so I would call it a success.

    There are a bunch of other cool interviews over on the twopagespread blog. You should click through and check them out. 


    At C2E2 this year, I spoke with as many creators as I could about what they do and why they do it. The sound quality is less than amazing, so I’ve transcribed the entire interview for your reading pleasure below.

    This is Aaron Pittman, an artist living in Chicago with an excellent selection of horror and other anthology books.

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  10. The devil is cool because he wears sunglasses and is in the internet.