1. Finished just under the wire!

  2. superfist:

    A horror short I wrote a few years ago that is finally getting life thanks to aaronpittman. It will be available at c2e2.

  4. Title page for a short horror story I’ve been working on. You can pick up the whole thing at C2E2 next weekend. See you at the show!

  6. I don’t want to be one of those assholes who runs his mouth about a book that never comes out, so I’ll wait to run my mouth about this when I finish it.

  8. I found a Queen tribute comic that I did probably five+ years ago. I remember it being for a 24 Hour Comic Day event. I only managed to get seven pages in….

    I think it’s still pretty funny. Maybe one day I’ll redo this whole thing. 

  9. Working on some new creepy comics.